San Jose Leads nation in ‘over asking’ sales in Real Estate Market

Posted by Michaela Rousseau // August 30, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Sell A House // San Jose / Sell my house / SJ Fixer Upper

Bay Area real estate inventory is low, housing prices up 19% from last August. If you currently live in the Bay Area and own your home, now might be the time to sell!

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America’s Hottest Real Estate Markets in May 2017

Posted by Michaela Rousseau // June 26, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

The Bay Area’s housing supply may be low, but fierce competition among spring-season buyers continued to drive up home prices, which reached record highs in March in Santa Clara and Alameda counties. Housing prices increased 11.5% from last year. Check out where the hottest real estate markets are in the US. San Jose and San […]

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7 Ways to Convince Your Spouse That Real Estate is the Way to Invest

Posted by Michaela Rousseau // May 15, 2017 // Blog / Private Lending

Know your stock and bank-based investments are not as safe as you may think. Market crashes are cyclical. History tells us that a market crash happens every 10 years. Some economists believe that our current level of volatility means that we may see one every five years now. Most investors are hoping that they don’t […]

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When Does it Make Sense to Pay Off Your Properties?

Posted by Michaela Rousseau // May 1, 2017 // Private Lending

If asked when it makes sense to pay off my properties, my answer during most of my investing career would have been never. I do understand that people have different investing strategies, levels of risk tolerance, and goals — especially at different stages in their lifetime. For me, up until recently, my strategy has been […]

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What The New U.S. Housing Monopoly Means For America

Posted by Michaela Rousseau // March 10, 2017 // Blog / Featured

New insight into the moves of giant hedge funds and private equity firms reveals just how massive their plans are for controlling a larger portion of the U.S. property market. After investing billions into the American housing market and buying up thousands of single-family homes, the best funded firms have announced they are moving into […]

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